In cooperation with our marketing department, we created a concept for an absolutely efficient basic presentation on the Internet:

We offer micro websites and pages for mobile information under the label "microws". Although these do not replace your own homepage, they are an important addition to the retrieval of POI information, as a landing page, for marketing etc...


Information on the smartphone via

• a location
• current offers
• Tourist information

via QR code or Bluetooth beacon, which is attached to a predestined location.


Clear landing page for your marketing campaigns, brief information, forwarding page, etc.

Integration of

• Contact forms
• Maps
• YouTube videos and even
• Panoramic tours in Google Street View

very easily possible.


As a teaser for the actual homepage, or if it just doesn't have to be an extensive page - which can happen from time to time.

Example: www.beverlauftreff.de

... further information: www.microws.de