A regularly updated homepage, Google "My Business" or Facebook page has several advantages:

• Current offers, promotions and dates can be announced
• Search engines register changes, which has a positive effect on the positioning
• Customers see that something is moving

There are two possibilities:

1. Your homepage, Google, Facebook page etc. will be created by us in such a way that you can make changes yourself,


2. You take care of your core business and we take care of the maintenance, which is much more sensible from an economic point of view.

If you have only planned a few changes, simply send us the information by email. The data is then entered and billed individually.

However, if you regularly have more than 5 changes per year, it is worth taking out a maintenance contract.

This includes changes to all projects we look after for you:

  • your homepage
  • your Facebook page
  • your chayns® installation
  • your Google "My Business" entry
  • your regiun profile
  • your micows page
  • your djukebox®


The content (texts, images, videos, audio) are provided by the customer. If you are unable or unwilling to provide regularly updated content due to time, capacity or other reasons, we will be happy to take care of it as part of our contentservice.