A website with outdated content is not only embarrassing, it also loses value in search engine rankings. In any case, it is always detrimental to your business.

It could be so simple: an employee or the boss reports at regular intervals in the various portals and on his own homepage about what is happening in the company, about current dates or other news and information.

The problem: nobody does.

And that's where we come in.

We solve this for you with our content and editing service: copywriters and editors always bring a breath of fresh air to your online channels. And we are also happy to help produce suitable editorial photos and videos at the same time. As well as audio recordings.

Important for:

  • your homepage
  • your Facebook page
  • your video channels
  • your weblogs
  • your djukebox®
  • your Google My Business
  • your bing Places

In upstream consultations, we determine the focus and frequency of your content. In which style should the text be written? Lyrical, factual, short and sweet, detailed and embellished? How often and at what intervals should there be news? Photos? Videos?

In cooperation with our analytics department, we even have the opportunity to analyze the successes and benefits of the contributions.